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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CCI Issues notice makes everybody in the industry angry : flash news

CCI Issues notice makes evevrybody in the industry angry : flash news

what do you think about the issue here. do you as kannadiga support that Dubbing films should be allowed in karnataka that too in our own kannada language.

Dr. Rajkumar add his followers/fans did not support the dubbed movies from other languages into kannada.

Just some months back His Son our own century hero had issued warnings to all those who try to bring dubbing into kannada industry that"even i'll give my life but won't allow dubbing in the industry as my father "Dr. Raj kumar" also wished".

So many of the producers don't want dubbing but some producers with the indirect support from multiplex owners from other states are trying to break the unwritten law of KFI.

There was a meeting held at the residence of Rebel star Ambarish with all the bigwigs of the industry. Another crucial meeting will be held again this night.

Shiva Raj kumar Calmly said that we will reply to the notice and explain our views & beliefs of the KFI.  And he is going to be the leader of the industry here for the issue 

shivaraj kumar

So, as kannada film fan what is your opinion in this leave a comment. let's start a discussion.


3 POINTS from ME !
Point 1 : these days people in karnataka have all the avenues to watch entertainment from other languages. Its a fact that kannada films will not be able to compete with the bollywood/hollywood quality. So people are forced to watch other language content also for entertainment.This makes people learn other languages and depend on them. In turn,makes the dependency of people on kannada weaker.. This is how a language evolves infact. As kannadigas, we should make sure everything is available for people in their own language. this helps people not to be forced to learn tamil/telugu./hindi or whatever. Atleast in the future, it avoids people developing their skill set in other language and moving towards entertainment provided in that language.
Point 2 : Its a fundamental right of any creative person to present his work in any language he wishes. If he has made a telugu movie and wants to present it to the kannada audience then he shud be allowed to do it. No one has the right to stop the creative person to show his work in the language that people can understand !
Point 3 : People in urban areas might have already caught up with all languages like english/hindi/telugu etc. But people in rural areas still dont know english and proper hindi. why shud they be deprived of the information/entertainment that is coming in other language, when there are people to offer it in our own kannada?

Just bcoz people think some business is affected coz of this change, we cant ignore all these GOOD DEVELOPMENTS that can happen through dubbing !
CCI has now issued a notice to KFI.. for banning dubbing all these days.. which had earlier had put a huge fine on KFI for restricting the number of screens for a other language film illegally.

@snabhi what you are saying is not for this kannada industry .

you like kannada films watch it in kannada if you like other language films watch it with their own original language.. just because of peple like you. we are struggling..

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