Lakshmi latest kannada film trailer starring Shivaraj kumar which is his 102nd movie. don't forget to comment and share. Audio songs are already a Chart Buster. Music by Guru kiran. Shivanna also sang a song in the flick.


Padhe Padhe song crosses 10lakh views on youtube. what is attracting in the song watch it yourself. tarun plays a musician in the film,

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Paarijata audio released today at Citadel hotel

Paarijata which star's Diganth and Aindritha rai in the lead it's audio was released today at Citadel Hotel , Bangalore.
Gurukiran was present at the event with film's Music composer Manomurthy,lead pair Aindritha,Diganth.
With this Film's director and many more personalities were present.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Only Vishnuvardhana Trailer exclusive

Sudep's latest Movie " Only Vishnuvardhana " s trailer
first on net here

Only Vishnuvardhana Trailer exclusive,latest kannada film news

Only Vishnuvardhana to release this week ?

According to the news paper ads given last week Sudeep's Next awaited movie "Only Vishnuvardhana" is going to release in a real hurry this Friday , that is December 2nd.

Vishnuvardhana stills,posters,trailers
Why the producer is in suchha hurry/ that is what is fans are the film's producer Dwarakish.

According to sources :- Barathi Vishnuvardan has put up a few points so we have that news and controversy so there is no big issue with the Title she ok'd for the title "Only Vishnu vardhana".

The producer wanted to have a large scale audio release but for some reason it could not happen,
So, audio is gonna release directly in the market.

the movie Starring Sudeep in the lead role has vishnuvardhana and heroine's are priyamani and bavana
producer ofcourse Dwarakish and his son.

let's wait and see what happens.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Jarasandha - A must watch Action packed movie | film review

Jarasandha :- Movie rating :- 3.5/5

This is one amazing effort by Director 'Shashank' and 'Duniya Vijay' .
In this movie you will see Vijay in a totally different character really an unexpected one.
He is shown as the film's main villan or i shud say an Anti-hero character.
He is boy who is born as a villan not turned a baddy because of situations in life, that is what shashank really wants to say in this movie about the baddie's in real life.

Vijay is a boy of widow mother who think's her son is a good man and a Gym owner who is trying to win the Mr.India title & that is what the heroine Praneeta also thinks of him and falls in love with him, but actually He is a Wannabe Underworld Don Killer Murderer Known as Z .

Some he keeps everything secret away from his mother but she finds out in the climax,
Rangayana Raghu is also the sponsorer of this Wannabe don, There is more masala into the story than you think ! Here Devraj Plays the Dangerous Police officer who is on the run to find out and capture this Z who is on a killing spree in karnataka.

watch the movie in theater for full action packed kannada film after a long time that too Vijay in a totally different avatar as Jarasandha.

Acting marks

Duniya Vijay Takes his character to almost perfection,
Praneeta plays the same character which she played in Porky,
Rangayana raghu & Devaraj are excellent as always,
The character played vijay's mother & friends are good.

Direction :-

Full marks for the effort made by the shashank by breaking his smooth and simple direction to a total hardcore Mass entertainer.

Music :-

Nothing much to about the Music because it's already a superhit in the masses.
Arjun jenya is going great . superb & excellent music.


Sri Crazyminds team did a Fantastic job.
The movie and the songs are the second highlight of the film,
great work guys the songs are visual treat.  you will say wow after watching the songs in the big screen.

Go for this kannada movie guys. Awesome entertainer.

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