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Monday, November 28, 2011

Only Vishnuvardhana to release this week ?

According to the news paper ads given last week Sudeep's Next awaited movie "Only Vishnuvardhana" is going to release in a real hurry this Friday , that is December 2nd.

Vishnuvardhana stills,posters,trailers
Why the producer is in suchha hurry/ that is what is fans are the film's producer Dwarakish.

According to sources :- Barathi Vishnuvardan has put up a few points so we have that news and controversy so there is no big issue with the Title she ok'd for the title "Only Vishnu vardhana".

The producer wanted to have a large scale audio release but for some reason it could not happen,
So, audio is gonna release directly in the market.

the movie Starring Sudeep in the lead role has vishnuvardhana and heroine's are priyamani and bavana
producer ofcourse Dwarakish and his son.

let's wait and see what happens.


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