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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shivarajakumar has involved further more energy to ‘Shakthi’

Shivarajakumar has involved further more energy to ‘Shakthi’ Kannada movies of Ramu Internationals.
On Saturday Xmas Day Shivaraj Kumar came to Akash Music to history a tune for ‘Shakthi’ Kannada movies.

The tune in the qualifications when Malashri is journeying in a truck for the movie ‘Shakthi’ is this tune in the express of Shivarajakumar. In gratitude of Shivarajakumar performing Ramu and Malashri offered a Precious metal cycle.

Bandiyu Saguthidhe Onti Bandiyu Saguthide Ello Dooradalli Ninna Dhariyu Kayuthide….penned by K Kalyan seems to be in the qualifications. Vardhan is the popular music manager of ‘Shakthi’ Creator Ramu, Malashri, K Kalyan, Director Anilkumar, Raghuram, Gurudut were existing at the documenting of Shivaraj Kumar tune for ‘Shakthi’ Kannada movies.

Anil Kumar who joined as discussion creator in Kannada movies has published the tale, script and focused this measures of production with tricks administrators Thriller Manju, Ravi Verma, Ram Lakshman and Palani Rah. Rajesh is the cameraman. Ravishanker, Sayyaji Shindhe, Vinayaprasad, Hema Chaudhary, Avinash, Sharat Lohitashva, Sadhu Kokila, Kurigalu Pratap and others are in the toss.


"Shakthi" is a south indian movie in which most number of actors have contributed something to it.

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