Lakshmi latest kannada film trailer starring Shivaraj kumar which is his 102nd movie. don't forget to comment and share. Audio songs are already a Chart Buster. Music by Guru kiran. Shivanna also sang a song in the flick.


Padhe Padhe song crosses 10lakh views on youtube. what is attracting in the song watch it yourself. tarun plays a musician in the film,

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Veteran Gupta Attacks Remakes in Kannada industry

The remake films in Kannada have spoiled the atmosphere and the identity is slowly receding – veteran in production, exhibition and distribution KV Gupta stated at the ‘Belli Hejje’ of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy. He was the guest at the ‘Belli Hejje’ a unique program of KCA headed by Thara Anooradha.

The remake from other languages to Kannada is on the increase. That has taken away the creative thoughts and our identity is missing out. I disagree with dubbing but for some dubbing is inevitable he felt.

In the past for making a film there was some stipulations. Time and money was marked. Obviously the level of quality was also high. The producers in the past were aware of technology of film making. Only for profits the current producers are aiming for film making coming from various fields of business.

Five decades it was more than enough to make a film in Rs.50000. Now money is available in abundance but not the content and quality of the film.

Losing from films is the main worry today. No analysis is made from the content point of view. This is not an upward growth of the industry feels veteran KV Gupta.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

first on net : YAARRE KOOGAADALI Official Trailer HD full

first on net : YAARRE KOOGAADALI Official Trailer HD full.

"Yaare Koogadali" is an upcoming Kannada film and its written and directed by Samuthirakani, starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Yogesh and Bhavana in the lead roles. The film is a remake of Samuthirakani's Tamil movie Poraali (2011) which was a commercial success at the box-office.

Bing reveals its top tech searches of the year

The iPhone 5 and Facebook have topped Microsoft’s search engine Bing’s technology and news searches of the year lists, with the iPhone 5 claiming the top spot on the most-searched for consumer electronics list and most-searched for new stories list, while Facebook is first on the most-searched for top social networks list.

The iPhone 5 smartphone’s popularity as a search term can be attributed to its release in September this year. Another Apple product, the iPad, comes in at No 2 on Bing’s most-searched for consumer electronics list, as a fourth-generation version of the tablet computer and a mini version were also released recently.

Facebook has notched up quite a notable year. The company revealed it now encompasses 800m users and it held its much-buzzed about IPO in May – likely one of the biggest IPOs in technology yet – only for the company’s stock to lose less than half its IPO value in three months.

A series of problems dogged Facebook after the IPO, starting with a computer malfunction at NASDAQ that saw tens of millions of dollars in trades wrongly placed, and news of Facebook executives accused of alerting industry insiders to Facebook’s earnings before they were public.

Bing’s search results, based on the aggregation of billions of search queries conducted on the search engine this year, also reveals that consumers are seeking ways to access free music. In 2012, three of the top five app searches were for music players (Pandora, I Heart Radio, Spotify).

Bing 2012: tech in most-searched for results
Top news storiesTop consumer electronicsTop social networks
1.       iPhone 5
2.       2012 Election
3.       2012 Olympics
4.       Hurricane Sandy
5.       Honey Boo Boo
6.       “Gangnam Style”
7.       Kony 2012
8.       Academy Awards
9.       Kindle Fire HD
10.    Facebook IPO
1.       iPhone 5
2.       iPad
3.       Samsung Galaxy S III/Samsung Galaxy S3
4.       Kindle
5.       iPad 3
6.       iPod Touch
7.       Xbox
8.       PlayStation 3
9.       iPhone 4S
10.    Windows 8
1.       Facebook
2.       Twitter
3.       MySpace
4.       LinkedIn
5.       Tumblr
6.       Instagram
7.       Reddit
8.       StumbleUpon
9.       Digg
10.    Klout


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